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The Wood Carver Experience


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On this page I want to give some background to the content of the songs I have written or played. If you ever want to find out what I am talking about in a song I will let you know here.

I wrote this song one day when I realized everyone around me was getting laid off at their job. I was thankfull that I still had a job, but still I can really relate to this song because it is about being poor. And no one knows more about being poor than me. I sing about it all the time. Sometimes being poor really sucks bad. I get so stressed out about it, but I am greatfull for the things I have. Somtimes it is sort of fun being poor. If I was rich, what would I write songs about?

Books on a Shelf
I wrote this the same day that the war in Iraq started. I was watching Tom Brokaw on NBC. Jordan had recently left for the Army so we wern't doing much band stuff. I remember being really bored. I was listening to everything that Tom Brokaw said, then I realized that I was believing everything that he said. Then I realized that he might be saying stuff that isnt even true and I would never know if it was or not. I am only able to base my opinion on the opinion of Tom Brokaw or others in the media. Some people say that I should search things out for myself, but searching only leads to more opinions. I would have to end up guessing in the end. I would never find out what was really going on out there.
Ever since then I still kind of think like that. It made this last election and especially hard choice for me to make.

No Lifeguards
I wrote this song about the pond near where I grew up. Our parents always told us never to go down there. It was dangerous, there was a strange current that would drag people under and they would drown. You would hear of people drowning every once in a while. Never the less, there was this awesome rope swing there. You could come swinging out of the trees and be 30 feet over the water and drop in. It was such a teptation to try. We swam their often.
I wrote the first part of the song and left it like that for about a year and a half. I always knew it needed something else but I didnt have the inspiration to finnish it.
One day, a few months ago, I came home from work and turned on the evening news with Dick Norris. I heard that a young boy had been walking his dog down by the same pond and no one could find him. The police were called. A police man went down to look for the boy, he found the boys dog first, and nearby he found the body of the boy who had drown.
It is a pretty sad story, I know. I dont usually like to write sad songs. But it gave me the inspiration to finnish the song. The song kind of finnishes from the dogs point of view. I thought it was interesting how the dog stayed with the boy even after he had died.
I bet that dog was sad.
He must have been a good dog.

Solar Cells
This one was written about the same time as "No Lifeguards". I was riding my bike a lot then because I wasnt in a band and I needed something to take up some time. I seem to get sort of depressed when I am not doing something. Riding bikes is one of my backup hobbies. I like it because you dont really have to be too creative to do it. All my other hobbies require a significant amount of creativity. On those days when I am not feeling creative, biking always comes through because biking only requires that you peddal. If you stop peddaling then you stop moving, unless you go down a hill. But if you go down a hill sooner or later you will have to go up a hill if you want to get home. And going up a hill takes twice as much effort.
That is what that song is about. I am thinking about changing the title. Also I need to tweek the bridge.

If you have any ideas for songs for me to write, let me know. If I choose your song you might see me make millions of dollars off of your idea. Wouldnt that be great!