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The Wood Carver Experience

Live Shows and Show Journal

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Sweet Shows in your area

Club Boom-Va
Washington Blvd, Ogden UT
With How 'Bout Tuesday? 6:30...$5bucks, I think.
This show will be cool. Way cooler than the Fair.

07/15/2005 07:00 PM  - Clinton City Park
1800 N 2000 W, Clinton, UT 84015,US -  Free
This show is for the Clinton City Days Festival. I will have a full band playing with me this night. Dont miss it.

08/12/2005 12:30 PM  - Weber County Fair
Weber County Fair Grounds, North Ogden, UT ,US -  Free
Dont miss the Fair. It is free this year. Who can beat that.
05/14/2005 07:00 PM  -  Borders Book Store
, Logan, UT 84321  -  

I will be playing either by myself or with Sam or Wim in the cafe.

06/11/2005 07:00 PM  -  Borders Book Store
, Logan, UT 84321  -  Free

I will be playing in the cafe. It should be fun, and not borring.


Show Journal 07-15-05
Clinton City Fun Days was tops! This was the first full band show. Sam Potter, Grant Potter, Aaron Hubbard, and Robbie Ricks. Totally freeking sweet. I cant believe it. If you want more info on this show read the home page. We got some good audio and video recordings. Maybe I will post some.

Show Journal
June 24 2005
Since I last wrote I have played 2 shows. One was at Boarders Book Store in Logan. When I got up their, the band Black River Brethren was setting up. I was real confused because I was supposed to be playing that night. But everything worked out, I got to watch those guys play. They remind me of the early Old Man Johnson stuff. All country twangy and sweet. Then I played. The night started off slow, I ordered a chocolate malt, then I decided to play the song "Malted Milk" by Robert Johnson. I dedicated that song to my malt. The few people that were there loved it. So I ended up playing all the blues songs I knew. It was a lot of fun.
Then I played at Muse Music in Provo. Two other singer songwriters played. Laura Kathryn is an awsome songwriter and an even better singer. She had some good songs. Debra Fotheringham also played. She can really play that guitar. I love to see girls that are good at the guitar. She plays a lot of Jazzy type stuff. Anyhoo I guess thats it. There was like 6 people at that show. The highlight of the show was also "Malted Milk" because they had this old wooden stage that made a great sound when I would stomp on it. It was perfect for Malted Milk.
Untill next time.
Take it Sleezy
May 16 2005
The first Borders show was Saturday. I played there with Old Man Johnson drumest, Mike Lomax. It was a pretty chill show. There was not many people there. Most people there were friends of Mikes and our significant others. It was still fun, although I wish I wouldnt have Roto-Tilled my back yard right before we played. My hands were all stiff which made it very hard to play. We played for a good hour and a half. We even played some Old Man Johnson songs that havnt been played live in a long time like, Tuna Too Much. I think as the night progressed Mike got better and I got worse. But I blame it on the Roto-Tilling. I think the highlight of the night was after the show when we got a free orange smoothe.
I played four shows in April. All of them were awesome, and each show was better than the last. I wish I could keep that trend going. I played two shows with Wim Becker at Roosters in Ogden. That is a great place to play, and eat. I hope we can play there again. Wim is a keen guitar player with a natural feel for sweetness. If you have ever heard him play than you know what I am talking about.
Grounds For Coffee was the next show. I played there with "Her Name is Prudence" and "Love Story Hero". I had an awesome time playing there. A lot of friends came and there were a lot of regulars there that all seemed to like it.
Then I played at a ska show at Weber State University. I thought that as soon as I walked out there with my acoustic geetar everyone would leave, but to my amazment, they all stayed and loved it. I could not believe it. I was playing "In The Garage" by Weezer (my acoustic version) everyone held up their lit up cell phones like they were lighters or something. It was sweet. I also sold many of my demo CDs. Which I was happy about.
Untill next time
Peace out.