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The Wood Carver Experience

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Mike Lomax is the Greatest drummer in the western United States and most of Mexico. He started as a young boy, his parents couldnt afford toys so they gave him used coffee cans to play with. While other kids were playing Transformers, Mike was thinking of new ways to play with coffee cans chinese takeout boxes and chopsticks.


To see ideas for Wood Carver album artwork, go to the Photography page. Vote for your favorite flavor!
They arnt very good!!! But, thats cuz they are just quickies!!!


I have been working on my first album. It is almost finnished with the recording process. After that we will mix, than press a bunch of CDs. Hopefully it will be done in the next month or so, but who knows. Aaron Hubbard has been recorded five songs for me with a full band. Sam Potter played guitar and sang backup vocals, Mike Lomax was in charge of the drum set, and Aaron Hubbard played Bass. I think it is turning out well. We mic'd the drum kit with 13 mic's! I think that is a new record. It sounds great.
I have a show comming up at Borders Bookstore in Murray on Feb. 23rd. I have not decided what it will be like yet, but it will be good to get out and play some live shows.
Untill next time,


Wim Becker and I played at Roosters in Layton. That was some hard work. We played for three hours. It was a good time, but because we were doing it for money it seemed a lot more like work than rocking out. Also did I mention that it was for three hours. That is as long as church. When you put it that way, it sounds a lot longer.
I think that Wim and I will be putting more shows together. Probably mostly resturaunt type stuff, but we have also been thinking about writing some tunes together. I hope we do. Wim leaves me in a daze when he plays that axe. Sunday night he played a solo that changed my life forever. Then a few songs later, he played something that changed my again, back to how it was before. If thats not nuts, I don't know what is.


It has been a while since I last updated this thing. Since then I played a show at the Weber County Fair. It was the worse thing ever. I played on a Friday afternoon, so no one could make it to the show. Also, I guess that not many people attend the fair on weekday afternoons. I think it is because most people work in the day. Anyway I played the show to my wife, a drunk guy and the sound man. The funny thing was that I played the show as if there were hundreds of people their. There were a few times where people would walk passed and I knew that they thought I was the biggest retard around. Oh well at least I got paid $100 bucks...or so I thought. On the way home I wasnt paying very good attention to the road and jumped my car off a curb doing about 45mph. I blew out two tires. When I got to Big O to get some new tires I realized my other two tires were crappy, so I got all new tires. So actually I lost $200 playing that show. Now you know how things work out for me.
But I do have a show comming up on Sept. 30. It should be sweet. It is with How Bout Tuesday? and some other guys. At Club Boom Va in Ogden. I think it starts at 6:30.
Also I got some new recording equipment. I should have some songs up shortly. Be patient with me, I am not the best tecnology guy in the world.
Untill next time,


The July 15th show at Clinton City Park was incredable. Thanks to all those that came and supported us. Also thanks to all the band members that jammed with me. We had Sam Potter on Electric Guitar, Grant Potter on Drum Set, Aaron Hubbard on Bass, and Robbie Ricks on Fiddle. It seemed like the audience really liked it. I felt like I was in the audience. It sounded so good, but it was like everything I was hearing was new to me. I think the highlight of the show was "Malted Milk" again. The band didnt even know we were going to play that song. I just sprung it on them and they all did an excelent job of playing it. The energy in that song blew me away. I haven't felt like that in a long time. Thanks every one. I want to try to do more full band shows in the future so keep your eyes and ears open.


Some of you might be wondering why this says "Wood Carver and the Hard Hearted" instead of "The Wood Carver Experience". I have been messing around with different names. Maybe it will be different every month, I dont know. Any-hoo, I have got some cool things in the works, if they all work out. A show at Clinton City in July that I am trying to round up a sweet band for, if it wasnt for summer vacations ruining my plans, but we will see what happens. Also a possible North Western Tour comming up in September.


Wood Carver and Mike Lomax at the Borders Bookstore in Logan. (Take note of sweet new guitar.)We rocked it out for about an hour and a half. The show was not the coolest as far as attendance goes, but we did get a free orange smoothe.


Check out the video for my new song "Mangle" on the Old Man Johnson web site.


Possibly one of the most genious songwriters of our time. Wood Carver has spent three years writing four songs. Some people might think that is not that much, but if you heard the songs you would think otherwise.

Soon some music, mostly of crude recording quality, will be available on this web site for your enjoyment.


That is a picture of me on the cover of the November 2004 issue of Melting Music Magazine. The article wasnt about me. They just needed someone that was really really rediculously good-looking for the cover. So naturally, they called me. 

Wood Carver is a singer/songwriter. He was one of the founders of the amaizingly talented rock band, 
Old Man Johnson. He is currently writing and recording wicked crazy sweet songs and sometimes playing them live for people who cant even comprehend the sweetness of this amaizing song-smith.

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